This is the table of contents for the rules and setting information for Brittanis. It's a LOT to absorb. We recommend starting with "Getting Started" for a quick orientation. The search buttons at the top right (blue spyglass) and top left (black search bar) of every page will help, as will the numerous links peppered throughout the pages. You can also use the "Rules" and "World" menus on the left, which are dropdown menus for the topics. This linear "Table of Contents" style list might work better on mobile devices, and is always accessible from the top menu. Reading the website is not cheating or metagaming! Everything under the "World" section below is considered to be general knowledge that any Hero of Brittanis could reasonably know.

Getting Started

Character Creation

  1. Concept & Keywords
  2. Race/ Ethnicity
  3. Allegiance
  4. Background
  5. History
  6. Heroic Virtues
  7. Choose Power Source
  8. Choose Class (Optional)
    • Requirements
  9. Spend Starting Points
  10. Total Resources
  11. Advancement



Skills & Classes


  • The White Court:
  • The Three Sisters:
  • Faerie Courts
  • Darker Paths

History, Legends & Lore